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It's finally time to fire up the grill, and while food is the most important part of a successful summer cookout, we think the beer selection deserves some love as well. In our newest survey at The U.R.B., we've compiled three unique styles that are must-haves at your next outdoor BBQ. Each of these styles pair perfectly with classic cookout fare and are sure to win you major brownie points with your friends and maybe that pesky neighbor you had to invite.

After you evaluate each beer's aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel, tell us which summer cookout food you think would create the best beer+food pairing!


Released Wednesday, May 1st: To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or the Battle of Puebla for you history buffs, we have brewed a special batch of our Mexican Lager, Castaña Urbana!

The Mexcian Lager, as a style, is known to be sessionable, flavorful, and crisp. Originally brewed in Vienna in the mid-19th century, the copper color beer brewed with Vienna malt became popular in Mexico in the 1860s when thousands of Austrians settled in Mexico and brought their beer recipes with them. In the late 1800s, Santiago Graf, a prominent Mexican brewer, began adding a local ingredient to the recipe: corn. This addition gave the beer a slight touch of sweetness and lightened its mouthfeel, which is how it became known as the Mexican Lager. Now, the style is experiencing a new wave of popularity as more Mexican and American craft breweries are beginning to pay close attention to traditional Lager styles.

In this survey, you will sample our original recipe for Castaña Urbana along with two Cinco de Mayo-inspired variants. Let us know how these three beers compare to one another in flavor, texture, and aroma.

Released Wednesday, Apr. 17th: We know you like to try new beers, so why not learn more about sustainable brewing practices, too? Sustainability has always been central to our brewing practices and to our taste room operations here at Urban Chestnut as we strive to be a model of environmentally sustainable brewing in St. Louis.

With Earth Day just around the corner, we thought we’d focus on three of our newest brews that symbolize some of the core themes of sustainability: 

Reduce (water)…Repurpose (yeast)…Conserve (energy)

Each of the brand new beers in this survey highlight one of these environmentally-friendly brewing practices. Sample each one, and tell us what flavors and aromas you observe!

Released Wednesday, Apr. 3rd: We're gearing up for spring and for the release of Big Shark Grapefruit Radler with a Radler survey at The U.R.B.! These refreshing beverages are traditionally a blend of lemon soda and Pale Lager, originally made popular in Bavaria in the 20's. For those U.R.B. Tasters who participated in last year's Radler survey, we used your feedback and observations to help us refine last year's release of Big Shark Lemon Radler and now this year's brand new Pink Grapefruit Radler! Help us evaluate our current pair as well as a third test recipe, by rating their sweetness, citrus profile, and potential for summer refreshment!

Released Wednesday, Mar. 20th: With our annual Lager Summit coming up on Mar. 31st, we have selected a handful of our own Lager brews for this survey that will be featured along with Lagers crafted by guest breweries from all over the country! Lager Summit celebrates the diversity of Lagers, so the three samples we’ve chosen are: a classic American lager (a fan favorite from last year’s Lager Summit), a brand new Helles recipe that will be featured at our German brewery in Wolnzach, and our house Dunkel.

Released Wednesday, Mar. 13th: The U.R.B. is going GREEN this week! As a way to have some fun leading up to St. Patrick's Day, we’ve decided to present our U.R.B. Tasters with 'Irish' versions of three classic German bier styles. In this one-week only survey, you'll test your taste buds and see if you can correctly identify each beer despite their majestic green hues! Evaluate the aroma and flavor of our three samples, and tell us which styles you think they are. Lots of folks tend to 'judge a beer by its color' so this survey might be harder than you think. If you identify all three beers correctly, you’ll receive a FREE 4-pack of our Kinsale, Foreign Export Stout!***