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*whole pies only, beer delivery is not available

Located in St. Louis' Grove neighborhood, The U.R.B. houses a consumer research bar and a New York-style pizza counter.

The U.R.B. (Urban Research Brewery) opened in November 2016 and is located right across the street from Urban Chestnut's Grove Brewery & Bierhall in St. Louis, MO. Sample test batches of beer and provide feedback using our digital survey system accessed via any smart device. While you're at it, grab a slice (or whole pie) of our New York-style pizza featuring seasonal toppings on our naturally leavened pizza crust.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is an unconventional-minded yet tradition-oriented brewer of craft beer. We have three locations in the city of Saint Louis and one location in Wolnzach, Germany. Find out more at Prost!



(314) 474-0935


4501 Manchester Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63110

Tasting survey Hours

W-Th 4p–9p
F 4p–10p
Sa 11am–10p
Su 12p–7p

pizza Hours

W-Th 11am–9p
F-Sa 11am–10p
Su 12p–7p


We offer a variety of New York-style pizza-by-the-slice and whole pies featuring locally-sourced, seasonal toppings on our naturally leavened pizza crust. Visit The U.R.B. and pair your slice with a lidless, 16oz can of UCBC beer!

Delivery (of whole pies only) is available through an independent delivery service.

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Current Survey:


Two heads are better than one. Three biers are better than two. Just some simple collaboration math since our new survey at the U.R.B. features three IPAs from local, national, and international collaborations! Evaluate each recipe's hop aroma, character, body, and finish. In the spirit of collaboration, please answer all of the questions and feel free to leave comments!


Released Friday, April 27th: Spring has certainly taken its time getting here 🌱 But before we say goodbye to jacket-weather for the season, we'd like to "zip up" some research on three different Stout blends. Using the same base beer, we've blended one with orange peel, one with toasted coconut, and one with fresh spearmint with vanilla beans. Focus on each brew's flavor, aroma, body, and finish, and tell us which Stout you like the most!

Released Friday, April 13th: In this survey, you will get a “sneak peek” of three special lagers produced for our first ever LagerFest on April 22nd! To celebrate the diversity of bottom-fermenting styles, we have a classic American Lager, a sessionable English Lager, and a hop-forward collaboration Lager with our friends at Stubborn German Brewing, in Waterloo, Illinois. Help us evaluate these three beers by focusing on each recipe's hop aroma, character, body and finish. And don't forget to join us at the Grove Brewery & Bierhall on April 22nd to try "Lagers of the past" brewed by breweries from all over the world!

Released Friday, March 30th: In the spirit of our annual Crawfish Boil, our new survey at The U.R.B. features three styles originating from France and Belgium! The rich, beer-brewing history in these countries is underscored by styles that feature complex yet delicately balanced malt and yeast flavors. Help us evaluate these French farmhouse-inspired ales, one of which utilizes a very non-traditional yeast selection...

Released Friday, March 16th: You may have had to roll your clock forward, but at least you can roll your bike out of the garage and down to the U.R.B. for our new Radler survey! Just in time for spring, our new survey features three refreshing Radlers. Traditionally a blend of Pale Lager and lemon soda, the Radlers in this survey feature three different flavors and recipes that have been refined based on your feedback from previous surveys! 

Released Friday, March 2nd: In our new Hoppy Redux Survey, you will be asked to evaluate three, revised recipes of a few of our hop-centric beers! Our Hopswitch series of IPAs and Pilsners allows us to experiment with single hop varieties in order to optimize their particular flavors and aromas. Lend us your palate and evaluate a Single Hop Pilsner, an IPA brewed using an experimental dry-hopping process, and a re-imagining of our American Hoppy Wheat, Triticum, by focusing on each recipe's hop aroma, character, body, and finish!