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Pizza delivery is now available!*

*whole pies only. beer delivery is NOT available.

join us for sunday funday featuring breakfast pizza, micheladas, and beermosas! every sunday at the u.r.b.!

Located in St. Louis' Grove neighborhood, The U.R.B. houses a consumer research bar and a New York-style pizza counter.

The U.R.B. (Urban Research Brewery) opened in November 2016 and is located right across the street from Urban Chestnut's Grove Brewery & Bierhall in St. Louis, MO. Sample test batches of beer and provide feedback using our digital survey system accessed via any smart device. While you're at it, grab a slice (or whole pie) of our New York-style pizza featuring seasonal toppings on our naturally leavened pizza crust.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company is an unconventional-minded yet tradition-oriented brewer of craft beer. We have three locations in the city of Saint Louis and one location in Wolnzach, Germany. Find out more at urbanchestnut.com. Prost!



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4501 Manchester Ave
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We offer a variety of New York-style pizza-by-the-slice and whole pies featuring locally-sourced, seasonal toppings on our naturally leavened pizza crust. Visit The U.R.B. and pair your slice with a lidless, 16oz can of UCBC beer!

Whole pies are available for delivery through GrubHub. View our menu here.


Tasting Survey

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Current Survey


RELEASED: Wednesday July 10th

With Summer temperatures upon us, we'd like to explore the classic Belgian Witbier! While these beers were quite popular in the Brabant region of Belgium in the 1700s, the style declined in the 1800s, and by 1960, it was truly extinct. Luckily, a determined milkman named Pierre Celis in Hoegaarden resurrected the Witbier in 1966, using a traditional portion of raw wheat in the mash and adding orange peel and coriander. His Witbier was quite successful, and the style has spread worldwide.

For this survey, you will be asked to evaluate this fabulous summer Belgian beer! Belgian beers offer a vast array of flavors and aromas from yeast, spices, and malt, and this Witbier survey is not different. In addition to our house Witbier, we have added two riffs on the traditional spicing for you to enjoy!

Evaluate each sample’s aroma, flavor, and finish, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Previous Surveys

Wednesday June 26th

As we endeavor to create high-quality beers, we also strive to be respected for our actions to help us to be a better global and local citizen. Our “UrbanEfforts” span from the sustainability methods employed during our brewingprocess to working with local not-for-profit organizations to reach their fund-raising goals.

We can all agree that beer is great, but it's even better when you can support a good cause while drinking it! In our latest survey, you'll have the chance to sample three of our newest releases, each of them highlighting our important partnerships with local, STL organizations:

  • Grizzly Ridge Kölsch (Saint Louis Zoo) - The first official beer of the Zoo raises funds and awareness for their important conservation work and animal care.

  • Big Top Bavarian (Circus Flora) - In their 33rd season, Circus Flora is an amazing and unique St. Louis asset and this Helles Lager helps increase awareness for St. Louis' longest standing annual circus.

  • Reine Liebe Pilsner (Catherine Cares) - A Single Hop Pilsner brewed to raise funds and awareness for Catherine Cares' mission to provide support for families of children who receive a lift-threatening diagnosis.

Evaluate each sample’s aroma, flavor, and finish, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Wednesday June 12th

We're getting close! Before we package our Sparkling Hop Water, we need your help to dial in the recipe. In this next U.R.B. survey, you'll sample three variations of our nonalcoholic, unsweetened, hop-infused sparkling water, and tell us which variation has the best blend of hoppiness and refreshment. Once we tabulate your feedback, we'll put the final touches on the recipe and send it to stores in the STL area.

This survey is a little different than previous U.R.B. surveys (i.e. non-alcoholic), so we're offering you the option to purchase a full pour of any of our current U.R.B. beers for only $3 after you complete the survey. Might we suggest Riggs Farm Terrior? If you haven’t tried our newest collaboration with Riggs Beer Co. from Central IL, it's currently on tap only at The U.R.B. All of the grain in this session India Pale Lager was sourced exclusively from the Riggs Family Farm. It’s just 4.5% ABV, and it’s amazing.

Wednesday May 29th

ICYMI: Last Sunday was our very first Sunday FUNday at The U.R.B. featuring breakfast pizzas and beer cocktails! The Micheladas and Beermosas were a hit, and now we need YOUR help to make these concoctions even better. Beginning today, sample a trio of Beermosas featuring three different beer styles 'juiced up' with freshly squeezed citrus, and tell us which base brew makes the BEST Beermosa! The most popular combo with become a mainstay on our Sunday FUNday Beer Cocktail menu!

Wednesday May 1st

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or the Battle of Puebla for you history buffs, we have brewed a special batch of our Mexican Lager, Castaña Urbana!

The Mexcian Lager, as a style, is known to be sessionable, flavorful, and crisp. Originally brewed in Vienna in the mid-19th century, the copper color beer brewed with Vienna malt became popular in Mexico in the 1860s when thousands of Austrians settled in Mexico and brought their beer recipes with them. In the late 1800s, Santiago Graf, a prominent Mexican brewer, began adding a local ingredient to the recipe: corn. This addition gave the beer a slight touch of sweetness and lightened its mouthfeel, which is how it became known as the Mexican Lager. Now, the style is experiencing a new wave of popularity as more Mexican and American craft breweries are beginning to pay close attention to traditional Lager styles.

In this survey, you will sample our original recipe for Castaña Urbana along with two Cinco de Mayo-inspired variants. Let us know how these three beers compare to one another in flavor, texture, and aroma.